@yulyulk 2015.01.25 12:47:07 KST 드디어 오늘 4시50분 MBC 일밤-애니멀즈 첫방송 ! 곰세마리 !우리 삼둥이들 첫인사드려요 많은사랑부탁드려요^^ 제작보고회날 울팬들의 사랑듬뿍담은 판다케이크와 선물 넘넘 고마웠어요 #판다가당근좋아하는줄어케알고당근케잌이더라#맛나더라#어깨승천#애니멀즈


[TRANS] @yulyulk Finally, today at 4:50pm on MBC Sunday night - first broadcast of "Animals"! Three bears! Our triplets. 🐼🐼🐼 We are meeting you for the first time, please give us lots of love.^^ On the announcement day, our fans gave us a panda cake and presents filled with love and I was very, very thankful. #TheyKnewPandasLikeCarrotsSoItWasCarrotCake #ItWasYummy #RaisingShoulders #Animals http://instagram.com/p/yQypUUNZFM/

8:33 PM - 24 Jan 2015
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